We had the opportunity to have a quick sit down one-on-one with David Ortiz. He may be retired, but he knows what he is talking about when it comes to getting mentally and physically prepared for the game of baseball.

When the Boston Globe asked, “What’s the primary challenge of playing as you long as you have?” Ortiz responded with, “Your body giving up on you. When you’re younger, in your 20s, it’s easier to do things, even in your early 30s. But when you start hitting mid-30s and up, that’s when it’s tough. That’s the age where you don’t see that many athletes performing at the highest level, especially superstars. We want to keep up with the game. And the only solution for your body giving up on you is you’ve got to stay consistent with your workouts.

Athletes like me, Kevin Garnett, Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, they always expect to do what they used to. At our age, your body is already giving up when you want to keep up with what you want to do because people expect you to do that. So, it’s either giving up and reducing your performance level or training until you throw up so that you can keep up with your performance. It’s one or the other.”